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It is an art to design landscapes.
The focus lies not only on the individual vision of the designer, but primarily on the need of the client. It is my aim to improve the living quality, and at the same time to integrate economic, aesthetic, ecological, cultural as well as social values.
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Competitions and Landscape Projects



... arise from our imagination.
Therefore, interacting with landscapes requires:

SENSE of aesthetics and well-being,
UNDERSTANDING of complex settings and conflicts,
KNOWLEDGE of social and spatial transformations.
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Lectures and Guest Crits



Landscapes need communication
The planning and construction process often suffers from conflicts – between the municipality and the residents or among neighbors. Especially with regard to nature, different interests and values easily collide. In view of that, it's useful to embed mediation and communication methods in the field of landscape architecture.
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The synergy between design and research will help to resolve complex design tasks.
How can we deal with urban transformation processes? How is landscape perceived by different cultures? Academic research on social, cultural and historic issues can provide a strong knowledge for specific design tasks.
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Cultural Laboratory Seoul

Research ETH Zürich

Susann Ahn is Landscape Architect and Mediator.

After graduating from the Technical University Munich, she conducted for several years international projects in landscape architecture offices. She founded her office for landscape architecture and mediation in 2013 focusing on participation, cultural exchange, and communication processes in public space. She taught as research associate at the TU Munich, before she started to work in 2013 as research associate at the Chair of Prof. Christophe Girot at ETH Zurich. She is a member of the „Bayerische Architektenkammer“ (Bavarian Chamber of Architects) and the "Deutscher Werkbund" (German Association of Craftsmen).


AHN Landscape Architecture Mediation
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